The exhibition: The New Heritage: Condition and Problems – Burgas

The exhibition: The New Heritage: “Condition and Problems” will be on display from 28.08.2023 to 15.09.2023 at the Cultural Center “Sea Casino”, Burgas. It will be opened on August 28th  (Monday) at 18:30 with the lecture of Prof. Ivan Kabakov: “Vandalism and the art of modern graffiti”.

Prof. Ph.D. Ivan Kabakov teaches at the History and Theory of Culture Department, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski”. He graduated with the “Cultural Studies” (1996) and “Law” (2001) majors at the same university. He works in the field of management, policies for culture, cultural heritage, cultural rights, regional cultures and policies, legal and institutional infrastructure of culture, intellectual property and access to culture, culture and regional development, crafts and design, graffiti and urban development policies, professional development in the field of cultural heritage, as well as the strategic management of culture.

“Vandalism and the Art of Contemporary Graffiti” (abstract) 

Like many other modern forms of expression, graffiti does not have only one use and meaning in society. The ratings for them vary from “vandalism” to an “art” that both qualifications have their grounds and can be found in contemporary graffiti. In the urban space they are present as “Acts of vandalism” and expressions such as “scratching”, as well as confessions such as “Graffiti is art”. They define the main distinctions and features of the expression of “graffiti writers” and “artists”. They will be in the framework of the public lecture presented as the commented distinctions and features, as well as the conditions at that graffiti could become urban art. Its purpose is to provoke a debate on the presented topics and problems, which yes changed the quality of the urban environment in Bulgaria.

The project is part of the program “Recovery and development of private cultural organizations” of the National Fund “Culture” (NFK, Bulgaria) for the period November 2022 – November 2023.

"The New Heritage: Condition and Problems" exhibition in Burgas