Mosaic on the Facade of 140 High School Ivan Bogorov

    1. Register Number: 15

    2. Address: 140 High School “Ivan Bogorov”, 9 “Diko Iliev” Str.; Residential Complex “Obelya” 2, “Vrabnica” District

    3. Coordinates:

      42.745500, 23.275222

    4. Artist/Architect: 

    5. Type of Site: Monumental decoration

    6. Name: Mosaic on the Facade of 140 High School “Ivan Bogorov”

    7. Other Names for the Monument: 

    8. Technique: Mosaic panel with metal elements

    9. Materials Used: 

    10. Dating: 1986

    11. Monument Ownership: Public Property

    12. Document Types:

    13. Cadastral Map Identifier:

    14. Regulation Plan Number :

    15. Affiliation to Other Cultural Monuments or Assemblages:

    16. Dimensions of the Monument (measurements): 

    17. Description – Analysis of the Type, Style & Iconography :
      Mosaic with a central sculpture on the facade of High School 140 “Ivan Bogorov”. The central decoration, composed of a panel with metal elements attached, is surrounded by a mosaic of the “decorative plastic lining type”. Affixed to the facade using a cement solution, this mosaic is crafted from natural limestone tesserae, cut into modular shapes of varying sizes and thicknesses. The surfaces display uneven brown coloring, a result of the application of a patination solution.

    18. Signature/Artist’s Initials: 

    19. Condition:
      The mosaic surface appears soiled. A notable section of the work beneath the metal panels is missing and has been filled with plaster and painted white. There are also traces of red paint drops scattered on the surface.

    20. Conservation / Restoration: 

    21. Preservation Regimes according to Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage Act:
      In order to better present this work to the public, it is necessary to: clean the work, provide for its regular maintenance and security; install lights for illumination; and add a plaque with the artist, title and year.

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