Two mosaic panels on the facade of High School 96 L. N. Tolostoy

    1. Register Number: 13

    2. Address: 96 High School “L. N. Tolostoy”, 1 “Nicola Belovejdov” Str.; Residential Area “Lylin 4”, “Lylin” District

    3. Coordinates:

      42.71733483903161, 23.243464550926205

    4. Artist/Architect: 

    5. Type of Site: Monumental decoration

    6. Name: Two mosaic panels on the facade of High School 96 “L. N. Tolostoy”

    7. Other Names for the Monument: 

    8. Technique: Mosaic

    9. Materials Used: 

    10. Dating: 1983

    11. Monument Ownership:

    12. Document Types:

    13. Cadastral Map Identifier:

    14. Regulation Plan Number :

    15. Affiliation to Other Cultural Monuments or Assemblages:

    16. Dimensions of the Monument (measurements): 

    17. Description – Analysis of the Type, Style & Iconography :
      The two mosaics on the facade are crafted from modular limestone pieces featuring various shapes, thicknesses, and finishes—some polished, others not. However, the imprecise technique employed during creation is evident; the joints between elements are oversized, certain large elements do not align with the wall attachment, and an inadequate binding solution fails to support the work’s heavy elements. Consequently, numerous tesserae detached from the work and will likely continue to do so.

    18. Signature/Artist’s Initials: 

    19. Condition:
      The mosaic is not in a stable condition. Heavy stone elements are in the process of detachment and whose collapse could cause a life-threatening incident. There is a metal structure underneath the mosaic to keep any collapsing elements from falling on the ground.

    20. Conservation / Restoration: No

    21. Preservation Regimes according to Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage Act:
      This work requires stabilization of the mosaic elements, re-grouting, and reconstruction of the missing pieces. In order to better present this work to the public, it is necessary to: provide for its regular maintanance, cleaning, and security; install lights for illumination; and add a plaque with the artist, title and year.

    22. Plans and Documentation Relating to Implementation

    23. Connection with the Environment: Macro – Favorable

    24. Primary Function of the Building:

    25. Current Function of the Building: School

    26. Access: Public

    27. Observation Access: Unlimited

    28. Correspondence Between Initial Project Plan & Implementation:

    29. Comments/Other: