Fountain – water curtain

    1. Register Number: 16

    2. Address: National Palace of Culture, “Triadica” District

    3. Coordinates:

      42.68577455976065, 23.319154057811417

    4. Artist/Architect: Ivan Radev; architect Atanas Agura

    5. Type of Site: Fountain

    6. Name: “Fountain – water curtain”

    7. Other Names for the Monument: 

    8. Technique: Decorative mosaic made of colorful marble

    9. Materials Used: 

    10. Dating: 1981

    11. Monument Ownership: Public Property

    12. Document Types:

    13. Cadastral Map Identifier:

    14. Regulation Plan Number :

    15. Affiliation to Other Cultural Monuments or Assemblages:

    16. Dimensions of the Monument (measurements): 

    17. Description – Analysis of the Type, Style & Iconography :
      Sculptural mosaic in a water installation, called “Fountain – water curtain”, in front of Sofia’s National Palace of Culture. The mosaic, composed of marble stone tesserae of different sizes and colours, follows the complex sculptural shapes of the wall and of the bottom of the pool. The mosaic and the water installation were created by a factory for decorative and monumental arts in Plovdiv.

    18. Signature/Artist’s Initials: 

    19. Condition:
      The mosaic and water installation are currently in a stable condition. However, the surface of the mosaic is soiled, and there are some tesserae missing. Some of the displaced tesserae have accumulated at the bottom of the fountain along with debris.

    20. Conservation / Restoration: 

    21. Preservation Regimes according to Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage Act:
      In order to better preserve the work, it is important to: clean it and remove the salts and biological contamination; reinstall the surface, the tesserae, and the fundament; and reconstruct the missing tesserae. In order to better present this work to the public, it is necessary to: provide for its regular maintenance and security; install lights for illumination; and add a plaque with the artist, title and year.

    22. Plans and Documentation Relating to Implementation

    23. Connection with the Environment: Macro – Favorable

    24. Primary Function of the Building:

    25. Current Function of the Building: 

    26. Access: Public

    27. Observation Access: Unlimited

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