1. Register Number: 9

    2. Address: Facade of a shop in Ledenik, Veliko Tarnovo 5049

    3. Coordinates:

      43.080972, 25.546153

    4. Artist/Architect: Hristo Tsatsinov; Botyo Kraev

    5. Type of Site: Monumental decoration

    6. Name: “Fertility”

    7. Other Names for the Monument: 

    8. Technique: Sgraffito

    9. Materials Used: 

    10. Dating: 1974

    11. Monument Ownership: 

    12. Document Types:

    13. Cadastral Map Identifier:

    14. Regulation Plan Number :

    15. Affiliation to Other Cultural Monuments or Assemblages:

    16. Dimensions of the Monument (measurements): 

    17. Description – Analysis of the Type, Style & Iconography :
      The sgraffito, located on the facade of a shop in the village center of Ledenik, is composed of three colours (grey, pale ocher and dark ocher). The background, which is not part of the artwork, is the natural colour of the mortar. The fill of the coloured plaster layers all contain very fine mosiac-type elements that appear highly compacted and may contain cement, which could be confirmed with chemical analyses. The lower left part of the work includes the year “74 г” (’74) and the artists’ initials, but one of the letters is damaged: “Х.Ц. ?” and “Б.К.”

    18. Signature/Artist’s Initials: 

    19. Condition:
      The sgraffito is in relatively good condition and appears stable. There are traces of nails and superficial dirt, as well as instances of greenish discoloration from mold and algae. The background surrounding the sgraffito is heavily soiled and discolored.

    20. Conservation / Restoration: No

    21. Preservation Regimes according to Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage Act:
      In order to preserve this work, it is necessary to: clean, stabilize, and fix the plaster layers; as well as reconstruct the gaps. In order to better present this work to the public, it is necessary to: repaint the facade around the sgraffito in a suitable shade; provide for its regular maintanance and security; install lights for illumination; and add a plaque with the artist, title and year.

    22. Plans and Documentation Relating to Implementation

    23. Connection with the Environment: Macro – Favourable

    24. Primary Function of the Building: 

    25. Current Function of the Building: Shop

    26. Access: Public

    27. Observation Access: Unlimited

    28. Correspondence Between Initial Project Plan & Implementation:

    29. Comments/Other: