Welcome of the Russian Liberation Army

    1. Register Number: 1

    2. Address: 27 “Stefan Stambolov” Street, “Varusha-North” Residential District, Veliko Tarnovo 5000

    3. Coordinates:

      43.083980, 25.639161

    4. Artist/Architect: Blagoy Ivanov

    5. Type of Site: Monumental decoration

    6. Name: “Welcome of the Russian Liberation Army”

    7. Other Names for the Monument: 

    8. Technique: Sgraffito

    9. Materials Used: 

    10. Dating: 1973

    11. Monument Ownership: 

    12. Document Types:

    13. Cadastral Map Identifier:

    14. Regulation Plan Number :

    15. Affiliation to Other Cultural Monuments or Assemblages:

    16. Dimensions of the Monument (measurements): 

    17. Description – Analysis of the Type, Style & Iconography :
      The sgraffito covers the entire dead wall of a residential building on “Stefan Stambolov” Street and faces out towards a panoramic view of the “Asenevtsi” monument and the Yantra River. The stylized figural composition is composed of four colourful layers of plaster applied consecutively from dark to light (red, umber, and two shades of ochre).

    18. Signature/Artist’s Initials: 

    19. Condition:
      The sgraffito is in a stable state of preservation. However, there are traces of water damage, discoloration of retouched areas, and a partially missing finishing layer in the upper part of the work below the ceiling.

    20. Conservation / Restoration: The sgraffito was “restored,” or rather, “refreshed” in 2019 by a team led by Milen Djanovski. This restoration was not faithful to the original, as evidenced by a change in the texture, colours, and final plaster layer. It is possible that they touched up the finishing layers, too. 

    21. Preservation Regimes according to Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage Act:
      In order to preserve the sgraffito, it is necessary to: address the cause of the water damage; stabilize and strengthen the plaster layers; retouch the gaps; and reintegrate the discoloured retouched areas. In order to better present this work to the public, it is necessary to: provide for its regular maintanance and security; install lights for illumination; and add a plaque with the artist, title and year.

    22. Plans and Documentation Relating to Implementation: No

    23. Connection with the Environment: Favourable

    24. Primary Function of the Building: 

    25. Current Function of the Building: Hotel “Stambolov” – guest house

    26. Access: Public

    27. Observation Access: Unlimited

    28. Correspondence Between Initial Project Plan & Implementation:

    29. Comments/Other: