Sofia, "Sesar Veiho" Language High School N. 157, sgraffito

Sofia, “Sesar Veiho” Language High School N. 157

Two sgrafitti on the facades of “Prof. Lybomir Miletich” Primary School N. 148 and “Sesar Veiho” Language High School N. 157

Sofia, "Festivalna" Hall

Sofia, “Festivalna” Hall


Sofia, National Electric Company, mosaic

Sofia, “National Electric Company”, mosiac

Mosaic (facade); “National Electric Company”

Sofiua, NDK underpass

Sofia, NDK Underpass

Decorative Wall; National Palace of Culture; Underpass, “Triadica” District

Sofia, National Palace of Culture, fountain

Sofia, National Place of Culture, fountain

“Fountain – water curtain”

Sofia, 140 High School "Ivan Bogorov", mosaic panel with metal elements

Sofia, 140 High School “Ivan Bogorov”

Mosaic on the Facade of 140 High School “Ivan Bogorov”

Sofia, 96 High School "L. N. Tolostoy", mosaic panels

Sofia, 96 High School “L. N. Tolostoy”

Two mosaic panels on the facade of High School 96 “L. N. Tolostoy”

Sofia, Dolni Bogorov Village, modular ceramic panels

Sofia, Dolni Bogorov Village

Modular ceramic panels, Dolni Bogorov Village

Sofia, "Henry Ford" Vocational School, mosaic

Sofia, “Henry Ford” Vocational School

Mosaic, “Henry Ford” Vocational School